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Via Vt1708s Nvidia Nforce 7025 630a Mcp68se High Definition Audio Controller Pci [Latest]




-e graphics i assume this a known bug? spiv, of course ok what is the "fix" in saying "auto" Question: Do you guys know if *any* user has had their Gnome power settings reset after update? bazhang: Please keep it on-topic hey guys, can someone help me get my video card's drivers working? my system has been telling me it's in low graphics mode for a while now... rufus_666: /var/log/Xorg.0.log bruenig: but I think you meant "part of the build system". Because if you have a.orig, or.dsc or.debian directory you have all the pre-requisites to a build. crypt-0, you don't need to say anything you can click ok, there is no possible way that something like this should happen crypt-0: say it. ok, i'll check it out, thank you erUSUL and everyone else bruenig: when you have a source package, you know that the source package exists somewhere so you can rebuild it easily, so you build from the source package rather than from the tarball Jordan_U: I did.. same message :/ flithm, what kind of video card is it? Not a lot I can do. B0g4r7: ati radeon 5850 and it's HD 3870 ok, what kind of card does the computer have? do i post it here? B0g4r7: one sec B0g4r7: onboard intel... There's nothing i can do with that. Does your bios support the onboard video? B0g4




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Via Vt1708s Nvidia Nforce 7025 630a Mcp68se High Definition Audio Controller Pci [Latest]

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